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Do you need to ensure that your cogs, cams and controllers work smoothly when operated by English-speakers? And that your specialist German terminology, whether it refers to black oxidation, measurement sensors or BFS, is correctly translated into clear and concise English? This is where I come in:

29 years of experience as a freelance German to English technical translator means that I will translate your operating instructions, marketing texts and in-house documentation correctly, leaving no screws loose or, even worse, missing. The best way to ensure that the texts for your products, machines or systems are easy to understand for the end user is to have them translated by a greatly experienced, qualified technical translator. Don’t leave your translations until the last minute! They are just as important as any other step in the design process and indeed are often part of that process right from the initial idea. In fact, your texts represent you and are an important factor for your success.

I know the importance of translating texts accurately so that the end user can read them AND understand them. You, as my direct client, can rest assured that those texts will reflect the quality of your products and services. Your end customers will benefit from clear information and instructions, your sales people will achieve better sales with attractive marketing texts and your in-house engineers will be able to benefit from research literature that has been carefully translated.

I will work with you to ensure we achieve the best possible results, producing texts that meet your needs and your target public. I can also proofread your texts to guarantee absolute accuracy.


  • 1994 – present

    Freelance Technical Translator

    HJM Technical Translations


  • 1994

    MA in Translation (Distinction)

    University of Surrey, UK

  • 1993

    BSc in Chemistry and German 2.1

    University of Kingston, London

  • 1989

    BTEC in Mechanical Manufacturing

    Telford technical college

CPD 2014 - 2020


  • BP20 Workshops, online (2020)
  • BP20 Translation Day, online (2020)
  • Translate Better 2020, Laufen (2020)
  • BP20, Business and Practice Conference, online (2020)
  • BP19, Business and Practice Conference, Bologna (2019)
  • Plain English (2019)
  • Plain English (2018)
  • Translate Better 2018, Berlin (2018)
  • Gefahrstoffrecht in Hamburg (2017)
  • 2-day Workshop: Forschungszentrum Jülich „Übersetzen im wissenschaftlichen Bereich“ (2015)


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